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Salary Guide

Economic and Employment Key Insights


Housing approvals down 16%



Apartment approvals down 28%



GDP growth to dip 1.5%

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The domestic and international business climate has become more complex in 2023 as inflation has gripped developed economies and seen higher interest rates to slow the pace of activity.

At the same time, the geopolitical environment has become more unstable and resulted in steep increases in prices for many materials and commodities,  as well as serious supply disruption.

Across the board, the sustained period of steady, positive economic improvement of recent decades has been punctuated by a series of jarring global events. Australia and New Zealand have both been impacted by these developments. Both countries are experiencing a significant slowdown in their economies as central banks try to eliminate the inflationary outbreak.

This comprehensive guide has become a valued and indispensable tool for those wishing to understand the movement of wages and salaries across a range of occupations and positions in both Australia and New Zealand. The Salary Guide compiles accurate information on wages and salaries from our experts in the field across key industry sectors. It includes a comprehensive analysis of the state of the economy in both countries, across states, territories, and regions, and a snapshot of the forces that are at play in each of the industry sectors in which we operate.

The 2023-24 Programmed Salary Guide is designed to provide business managers with the data, insights and information that will help inform the critical recruitment decisions that will be more important than ever in such rapidly changing circumstances.

We know that the need for reliable salary information is especially important in this period of labour scarcity. This document serves as a valuable resource in guiding your organisation in making critical decisions and building the workforce for the present, and the future.